'How to attach "Track_Colliders"' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

This section shows how to attach "Track_Colliders" into the "Static_Track" made in the previous steps.

"Track_Collider" is a special collider to make the "Static_Track" breakable in the battle scenes.
This collider is used as a weak point of the track by damage system in this project.
When the bullet hits the collider, the hit points of the track are reduced, and the track will be broken when the hit points are less than zero.

*** How to attach "Track_Colliders" ***

(1) Attach "Track_Collider" objects into the "Static_Track".

You can find the prefab "Track_Collider" in the "Tank_Components" folder under the "Prefabs" folder.

Drag and drop it into the "Static_Track" in the Hierarchy window, and make sure that the "Track_Collider" is placed under the "Static_Track" as a child.

(2) Adjust the position.

You can see the "Track_Collider" as a translucent box in the Scene view.
Move it to the front of one of the end wheels.
The position and the scale will be adjusted automatically in the next step.

(3) Set the "Linked Piece".

Set the "Linked Piece" by pressing the "Find the closest piece" button.

The closest track piece is set as the "Linked Piece".
The track is broken off at this piece when the hit points are less than zero.

(4) Duplicate the "Track_Collider".

Duplicate the "Track_Collider" as many as you need, and set up them in the same way.
Do not forget to set the "Linked Piece" by pressing the button.

In this tutorial, set as follows.

(5) Test it in the runtime.

Test the colliders by shooting them from other tank.

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Our new "Static_Track" has been completed.

We can also create "Scroll_Tracks" for our new tank to improve the performance in the battle scenes.
The "Scroll_Track" can be used in combination with our new "Static_Track" by using "Track_LOD" function.

Please progress to the next section 'How to create "Scroll_Track"'.