'How to change "Physics_Track"' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

This section shows how to convert Cromwell's Physics_Track into KV-I's Physics_Track.

This project has three track systems "Physics_Track", "Static_Track" and "Scroll_Track".

"Physics_Track" has a simple oval shape in the editor, but it will be transformed physically in the runtime.

Also "Physics_Track" can be converted to "Static_Track" easily by using the editor scripts.
We will learn how to convert it in the later sections.

*** How to to change the "Physics_Track" ***

(1) Select the "Create_TrackBelt".

Select the "Create_TrackBelt" in the tank in the Hierarchy window, and find the "Create_TrackBelt_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window.
We can change the settings of the Physics_Track from this script.

(2) Change the appearance.

At first, change the appearance of the track pieces.
Set the meshes and materials for the new tank into the boxes.
In this tutorial, set as follows.

(3) Change the Distance value.

Set the distance between the left track and the right track into the "Distance".
In this tutorial,set as follows.

(4) Change the spacing the pieces.

Set the spacing between the pieces into the "Spacing".
In this tutorial,set as follows.

(5) Change the collider settings.

Adjust the "Center" and "Size" values according to the appearance of the piece.
The track piece has two Capsule Colliders set crosswise in it as its collider.

In this tutorial,set as follows.

(6) Adjust the shape and the position.

Adjust the shape of the tracks by changing the following values.

Also move the "Create_TrackBelt" object so that all the wheels are roughly within the tracks.
Make the tracks smaller than the ideal shape, because the Physics_Track will be easy to stretch while driving.

In this tutorial,set as follows temporarily.

(7) Adjust the additional colliders.

Some of the prefab tanks have some additional colliders in oreder to make their movements more realistic.

In the case of Cromwell prefab, it has two additional colliders above the tracks so that the track pieces do not go through the upper covers.
Also their friction is set to zero so that the track pieces can move smoothly.

Remove or adjust the old additional colliders not to hinder the movement of the track pieces.
In this tutorial, adjust them as follows.

(8) Test the new tracks in the runtime.

Test the new tracks while driving and turning the tank on the field.
You might find the following issues. Most of the issues are caused by the tension of the Physics_Track.
We will learn how to adjust it in the next section.

Progress to the next section.

We have got the new "Physics_Track".

We will convert it to the "Static_Track" that is suitable for the game scenes in the later sections.
In the next section, we will put the final touch on the Physics_Track.

Please progress to the next section 'How to adjust the tension of "Physics_Track"'.