'How to change SprocketWheels' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

This section shows how to convert Cromwell's SprocketWheels into KV-I's SprocketWheels.

In this project, the cogs of the sprocket wheel do not have any effect on the track pieces differing from reality.

Each wheel has a Sphere Collider in it as its collider, and the track pieces are moved by frictional force between the wheels and the track pieces.
Therefore you need not make the SprocketWheel accurately.

*** How to to change the SprocketWheels ***

(1) Select the "Create_SprocketWheel".

Select the "Create_SprocketWheels" in the tank in the Hierarchy window, and find the "Create_SprocketWheel_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window.
We can change the settings of the SprocketWheels from this script.

(2) Change the appearance.

At first, change the appearance of the wheels.
Set the meshes and materials for the new tank into the boxes.
In this tutorial, set as follows.

(3) Change the Distance value.

Set the distance between the left wheel and the right wheel into the "Distance".
In this tutorial,set as follows.

(4) Change the radius of the wheels.

In this project, the wheel has a Sphere Collider in it as its collider.
Therefore we need to set the radius of the Sphere Collider according to the appearance of the wheel.
Set the proper radius value into the "SphereCollider Radius".
In this tutorial,set as follows.

As mentioned above, the cogs of the SprocketWheel have no effect on the track pieces.
Therefore we need to make the "SphereCollider Radius" a little smaller than the apparent size.

(5) Adjust the position of the "Create_SprocketWheel".

Move the "Create_SprocketWheel" to the mounting position of the sprocket wheels.
In this tutorial,set as follows.

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We have got the new SprocketWheels.

Try to change the other wheels in the following sections.

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