'How to change MainBody' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

This section shows how to convert Cromwell's body into KV-I's body.
In this project, the body (hull) of the tank is called "MainBody".

*** How to change the MainBody ***

Change the values in the "MainBody".

Select the "MainBody" in the tank in the Hierarchy window, and find the "MainBody_Settings_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window.
We can change the "Mesh", "Materials" and "Colliders" of the MainBody from this script.
In this tutorial,set as follows.

The collider of the MainBody should be separated into multiple parts such as "Upper" and "Lower" when it has concave faces..

If the collider has an integrated shape, the track pieces will collide with it and break off, because the concave faces of the collider are ignored in the physics engine.

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We have got the new MainBody.

Next, try to change the wheels of the tank in the following sections.

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