'How to create a new tank' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

We can create a new tank from scratch, but it is easier to remodel a finished tank with a similar structure.
This tutorial shows how to create three kinds of "KV-I" tanks by remodeling the finished "Cromwell" prefab.

*** Preparation ***

(0) Prepare the 3D model and the materials for the new tank.

There are several rules to use external tank models in this project, so you need to remodel them using a 3D modeling tool.
The remodeling requires basic skills of 3D modeling as follows.
Please read 'Modeling Manual'.

In this tutorial, we will use KV-I model included in this asset.

(1) Open the demo scene "Exam_Field".

You can find the "Exam_Field" in the "Demo_Scenes" folder.
This scene has a flat ground around the origin, and it is convenient for creating a new tank.

(2) Remove all the tanks in the scene.

Remove all the tanks in the scene to secure a space for the new tank.

(3) Set the base tank in the Hierarchy window.

You can find the tank prefab "Cromwell_PT" in the "PhysicsTrack" folder under the "Prefab_Tanks" folder.
Drag and drop it into the Hierarchy window. And make sure the tank is placed at the origin.
Please do not use tank prefabs with "Static_Track" as the base tank, such as "Cromwell_ST" and "Cromwell_AI".
They are not suitable for remodeling.

(4) Give a new name.

Give the base tank a new name as you will.
And break the prefab connection just in case. ("Game Object" >> "Break Prefab Instance")

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