'How to change Attack Power' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

The attack power of the tank can be changed by adjusting the "Attack Points" of the bullets.
The attack points are used for calculating the damage value sent to the hit target.
The damage value is calculated based on the attack points, the hit angle and the hit velocity.

Also the attack points values can be adjusted by changing the "Attack Multiplier" value in the "Special_Settings_CS" script in the top object.

This multiplier helps you to adjust the difficulty of the battle scenes.
The attack points of the bullets will be multiplied by the multiplier in the runtime.

*** How to change the Attack Points of the bullets ***

You can find the"Bullet_Generator" object under the "Barrel_Base" in the tank in the Hierarchy window.

Select it and find the "Bullet_Generator_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window.

You can set the attack points value in each bullet type, Armor Piercing shell (AP) and High Explosive shell (HE).
About the other options, please read below.