'How to change Hit Points' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

In this project, the tank has individual hit points for the body, for the turret and for the both tracks.

When the body's hit points or the main turret's hit points are reduced to zero, the tank is destroyed.
When the track's hit points are reduced to zero, the track is broken and the tank will be disabled.
(In the case of a child turret, only the child turret is destroyed.)

All the hit points are controlled by "Damage_Control_Center_CS" script in the "MainBody".
The script works in combination with "Damage_Control_##__##_CS" scripts attached to each part when the parts receive a damage.

Also the hit points values can be adjusted by changing the "Defence Multiplier" value in the "Special_Settings_CS" script in the top object.

This multiplier helps you to adjust the difficulty of the battle scenes.
The hit points for the body and the turret will be multiplied by the multiplier in the runtime.
The hit points for the tracks are never multiplied .

*** How to change the Hit Points ***

Select the "MainBody" in the tank, and find the "Damage_Control_Center_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window.