'How to change Camera settings' (Ver.3.0)

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*** Outline ***

We can change the camera settings from "Camera_Pivot" object in the tank.

The main camera is placed under the "Camera_Pivot", and its properties are controlled by several scripts in the objects.
The scripts have the following functions.

These functions can be enabled or disabled in each viewpoint.

*** How to set the viewpoints ***

(1) Set the "Camera_Points".

You can find some "Camera_Point (#)" objects in the tank.

They are empty objects usesd as viewpoints or rotation pivots of the main camera.
In the demo tanks,
"Camera_Point (1)" is set at the center of the tank, and used for the third person view.
"Camera_Point (2)" is set above the turret, and used for the commander's view.
"Camera_Point (3)" is set close to the dirver's seat, and used for the driver's view.

Move, add, remove the camera points as you will.
"Camera_Point (2)" is placed under the "Turret_Base" in the hierarchy so that the commander's view rotates with the turret.

(2) Set the properties.

The properties of the main camera can be set in each camera point.
Select the "Camera_Pivot", and set the following values for each camera point.

(3) Test the views in the runtime.

You can switch the viewpoints by pressing "F" key.

*** How to adjust the camera functions ***