'How to save a new Tank Prefab' (Ver.3.0)

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*** How to save a new Tank Prefab ***

This tutorial shows how to save a new tank prefab after remodeling.

(1) Drag and drop the tank object into any folder.

This is a normal manner to save a new prefab.

(2) Select the tank object again, and press "Apply" button.

This step is very important in this project.
The new prefab has the old reference yet in the "Respawn_Controller_CS (Script)", so we need to update the reference.
Select the tank object in the Hierarchy window again, and press the "Apply" button in the Inspector window.

(3) Test the new prefab by respawning.

Increase the "Respawn Times" value in the "Respawn_Controller_CS (Script)" in the top object.
And respawn the tank by pressing Enter (Return) key in the runtime.

Make sure that the respawned tank has new settings in the new prefab.