'How to use AI Tank' (Ver.3.0)

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The AI system requires "Navigation Mesh" (NavMesh) in the scene.
When the NavMesh has not been baked for the scene, you will get errors in the runtime.

*** How to use AI Tank***

(1) Set the AI tank prefab in the scene.

About how to set the tank prefab, please read 'How to use Tank Prefab'.

The AI system requires "AI_Headquaters_CS" script in the scene to choose the target.
Usually the script is attached to the "Game_Controller" object in the scene.

(2) Find the "AI_Settings_CS (Script)" in the top object.

Find the "AI_Settings_CS (Script)" in the top object of the AI tank.
We can change the behavior of the AI tank from this script.

(3) Try to set the "Way Point Pack".

"Way Point Pack" is an object that has several empty child objects as the waypoints.
All the waypoints must be placed on the NavMesh, so that the AI can find the path to the waypoint.
In the demo scenes, the "Way Point Pack" fitting for each scene is prepared.

Drag and drop the "WayPoint Pack" in the scene into the "Way Point Pack" box in the script.

The AI tank will drive passing through the way points in the runtime.
When the "Way Point Pack" is not set, the AI tank will stay in the initial position.

(4) Try to set the "Follow Target".

You can also make the AI tank follow the specified tank.
Set the target tank in the scene, and drag and drop it into the "Follow Target" box in the script.

The AI tank will follow the target tank when they have the same "Relationship" value.
When their "Relationship" values are different, the AI tank will chase the target while attacking.

(5) About the other options.

You can change the AI settings more finely by adjusting the following values.