'How to use Tank Prefab' (Ver.3.0)

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*** How to use Tank Prefab ***

(1) Find the tank prefabs.

The tank prefabs are placed under the "Prefab_Tanks" folder.

There are several types of tanks in the folder.

(2) Drag and drop the prefab into the Hierarchy window.

(3) Choose the "Tank ID" and "Relationship" in the Inspector window.

Select the top object of the tank in the Hierarchy window, and find the "ID_Settings_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window.

At first, set the "Tank ID" differing from other tanks in the scene.
When this value is set to zero, the tank cannot be selected in the runtime.
At least one of the tanks in the scene must be set to "1", otherwise the scene will lose the main camera in the runtime.

Next, set the "Relationship" with other tanks in the scene.

(4) Adjust the position as you will.

Make sure that the top object of the tank is selected, and move the position and the rotation as you will.

(5) Now you are ready to play.

About the settings of AI tanks, please read 'How to use AI Tank'.