'How to Operate' (Ver.3.0)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

You can learn the operation while playing the demo scene "01_Operation_Tutorial".

*** How to change the operation type ***

When the scene is opened via the demo scene "00_Scene_Selector", the following settings will be overwritten by "Option_Manager" placed in the "00_Scene_Selector".

(1) Select "Game_Controller" in the scene.

(2) Choose the "Input Type" in the Inspector window.

Find the "Input_Type_Manager_CS (Script)" in the Inspector window, and choose the "Input Type" in it.

*** Common Functions ***

*** Mouse + KeyBoard (Stepwise / Pressing) ***

*** Mouse + KeyBoard (Legacy) ***

*** GamePad (Single Stick) ***

*** GamePad (Twin Sticks) ***

*** GamePad (Triggers) ***