'How to Update (2.5 >> 3.0)'

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Please backup your project before importing the new version, because most of the scripts, prefabs and scenes will be overwritten.

*** Outline ***

The main changes from the previous versions are as follows.

Also the several scritps have been divided into some scripts by function. Please ask me if you need any help about how to modify them.

*** How to update the project settings (2.5 >> 3.0) ***

In the version 3.0, the "Input Manger" has been changed to use all the sticks and the buttons of a gamepad.
Please update it referring to 'How to Start'.

*** How to update the old tank (2.5 >> 3.0) ***

(1) Add new scripts.

Select the top object of the tank, and set the "'Camera_Pivot' Prefab" in the "Tank_ID_Control_CS (Script)".

You can find the "Camera_Pivot" prefab in the "Tank_Components" folder under the "Prefabs" folder. Drag and drop it into the box.

And press the "Add New Scripts" button.

(2) Remove the "Tank_ID_Control_CS (Script)".

The "Tank_ID_Control_CS (Script)" is no longer required. Please remove it from the top object.

(3) Update the MainBody.

Select the "MainBody" of the tank, and press the "Update Values" button in the "MainBody_Settings_CS (Script)".

(4) Update the wheels.

Press the "Update Values" button in all the "Create_RoadWheel", "Create_IdlerWheel", "Create_SprocketWheel" and "Create_SupportWheel".

(5) Update the tracks.

(6) Update the turret objects.

Press the "Update Values" button in the "Turret_Base", "Cannon_Base" and "Barrel_Base".

(7) Update the "Engine_Sound".

Press the "Set Automatically" button in it.

(8) Update the "Dust" objects.

Press the "Set Automatically" button in it.

(9) Set the Hit-Points values.

Set the Hit-Points values of the tank referring to 'How to change Hit Points'.

(10) Set the Attack-Points values.

Set the Attack-Points values of the bullet referring to 'How to change Attack Power'.

(11) Update the "Armor_Collider".

Update the "Armor_Collider(s)" referring to 'How to use "Armor_Collider"'.

(12) Save the tank.

Save the new tank by overwriting the prefab, or creating a new prefab referring to 'How to save a new Tank Prefab'.

*** How to update the old battle scene (2.5 >> 3.0) ***

(1) Add Hit-Points bars.

You can find "Canvas_HP_Bars (Self)" and "Canvas_HP_Bars (Target)" prefabs in the "Scene_Components" folder under the "Prefabs" folder.
Drag and drop them into the Hierarchy window.

(2) Update the "Game_Controller".

If the "Game_Controller" in the scene has lost the connection with the prefab (displayed in black), press the "Revert" button in the Inspector window to update it.

*** How to update the old Menu scene (2.5 >> 3.0) ***

Input the name of the battle scene opened from this menu scene into the "Battle Scene Name" in the "Menu_Dictionary".

If this value is empty, the changes in the menu scene will never be reflected in the battle scene.