"SupportWheels" (Ver.1.1)

This object contains the wheel objects used as support-wheels (called also return-rollers).
You can modify the support-wheels from this object.

The wheels are dummy wheels without any collider and rigidbody, but can rotate synchronizing with the track belt while being controlled by "Wheel_Sync_CS" script in it.

This object must be placed under the "MainBody" in the Hierarchy.
(Note.) Please take care not to change their hierarchy.

You can modify the support-wheels from "Create_SupportWheels_CS".
The wheels are remade whenever each value is changed.
(Note.) You need to remake the track belts when the wheel has been remade.
Please read also "Track_Belt" and "How to make a Track Belt".

(Wheels settings)
    Set the distance between opposite wheels.

    Set the number of the wheels mounted on one side.

    Set the spacing of each wheel.

    [Radius Offset]
    When the effective size of the wheel is different from its apparent size (mesh size), adjust this value.
    You need not change this value in most cases.

    Set the Mesh and Material for the wheel.

    [Update Value]
    When this button is pressed, the wheels are remade.
    Usually this function is called whenever each value is changed.