"Engine_Sound" (Ver.1.1)

The engine sound is produced from this object.

This object should be placed on the engine room.
Also this object must be placed under the "MainBody" in the Hierarchy.
(Note.) Please take care not to change their hierarchy.

The volume and pitch of the engine sound are controlled by "SE_Control_CS".

(Engine Sound settings)
    [Min Pitch]
    The pitch while idling.

    [Max Pitch]
    The pitch while running at the maximum speed.

    [Min Volume]
    The volume while idling.

    [Max Volume]
    The volume while running at the maximum speed.

    [For Simple Tank]
    When the tank has simple movement system using "Simple_Control_CS" script such as "SD_Firefly_Simple_1.1", enable this option.

(Audio Source)
    [Audio Clip]
    Set the sound file for the engine sound.

    Please refer to the Unity Manual about the Audio Source.