"Gun_Camera" (Ver.1.1)

This object contains a camera used as a gun-camera for aiming the target.

This object should be placed in front of the muzzle.
Also this object must be placed under the "Barrel_Base" in the Hierarchy.
(Note.) Please take care not to change their hierarchy.

The gun-camera and the reticle are controlled by "Gun_Camera_Control_CS".

(Gun Camera settings)
    [Main Camera]
    Assign the "Main Camera" in this tank.
    "Main Camera" is placed under the "Camera_Pivot" in the hierarcy.
        "MainBody" >> "Camera_Pivot" >> Drag and drop the "Main Camera" into the box.

    [Gun Camera]
    Assign this camera.

    [Reticle Name]
    Set the name of the Image object in the scene used as Reticle.
    Please read also "Canvas_Images".