"UNET Experiment" (Ver.1.1)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I am afraid that I do not know a lot about UNET. Unfortunately there are a few tutorials about UNET in my native language.
Please understand that the contents of the "UNET_Experiment" folder are just a my experimental trial.
They might not be able to work normally in your environment.

To play the demo scenes, you need to set the scenes into the "Scenes In Build" in the 'Build Settings'.
Also you need to set up Untiy Multiplayer service to play through the Internet.

You can test the multiplayer while running both the editor and the built project.

In the demo scenes, only two players (host and client) can join the game.
The game is forcibly finished when the host quits the game.

The multiplay will work almost without problem on the LAN.
But the client often gets disconnected from the server on the Internet.
It might be necessary to optimize the network traffic.