"Modeling Manual" (Ver.1.1)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

There are some rules to use your 3D works in this project.
Open the FBX files in this project by using your modeling tool, and find out how the parts are divided and placed.
The way to import the model into Unity is different depending on the modeling tool.
Please find out the proper way yourself to import your model with correct scale, position and rotation.

[ MainBody / Turret / Cannon / Barrel ]
"MainBody", "Turret", "Cannon" and "Barrel" must be made as individual objects so that they can be moved individually in Unity.
The objects must be placed where they should be, and their origin (pivot) should be set to the center of the world space.
The Scale values should be set to 1.0 in order to export the meshes in the correct size.
The appropriate Rotaion values are different depending on the modeling tool.

In this project, 'Cannon' means the base part of a tank gun.
And 'Barrel' means the part of a tank gun moved by firing recoil.

[ Collider ]
The collider should be made simple to reduce the stress on the processor.
In most cases, the collider for MainBody should be divided into two objects such as 'Upper_Collider' and 'Lower_Collider'.

[ Wheel ]
The wheels are shared with left and right in this project. So you need to create only one wheel for each type.
The wheel must be laid horizontally so that its outside must face upward.
And its origin (pivot) must be set to the center of the wheel.

[ Suspension Arm ]
The suspension arm is not shared with opposite one, differing from the wheel.
So, you need to create one arm for each side such as "Sus_Arm_Left" and "Sus_Arm_Right".
And its origin (pivot) must be set to the rotaion-center of the arm.