"How to start" (Ver.1.1)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

[ Getting Started ]
(1) Create a new project, and import this package from Asset Store.
    Window >> AssetStore >> Import this package from 'Download Manager'.

(2) Import "CrossPlatformInput".
    This project requires "CrossPlatformInput" in 'Unity Standard Assets' in order to use the touch controls.
    Assets >> Import package >> CrossPlatformInput >> Press the "Import" button.
    When you cannot find the "CrossPlatformInput", you can download and import it from Asset Store. (Probably you had not installed the "Unity Standard Assets" into your PC.)


(3) Make sure the "Build Settings".
    You need to set up the "Build Settings" to use buttons in the scene.
    Open the "Build Settings", and make sure that the demo scenes are set in the "Scenes In bulid".
        File >> Build Settings...
    If there are no scene in the "Scenes In Build", please add the demo scenes yourself.
    You can find the demo scenes in the "Scenes" folder. Drag and drop them into the "Scenes In Build".

(4) Play the demo scenes.
    You can find the demo scenes in the "Scenes" folder.
        'Kawaii_Tanks_Project' >> 'Scenes'
    Open the demo scene "00_Titile", and play the games. 
    You can learn the tank operation in the "Operation Training" scene.

(5) Switch the Platform when you need Touch Controls.
    Switch the Platform to 'Android' or 'iOS' when you need touch controls.
    Select the 'Android' or 'iOS' in the "Platform" box, and press the "Switch Platform" button.

(6) Make sure that the Touch Controls work well.
    Open the demo scene, and make sure that the touch buttons are displayed and works well.